We gather on Sunday mornings at 11:10 am at 836 Clinton Avenue S, Rochester, NY 14620.

Being part of the Monroe Park Vineyard isn’t like going to most churches. For one thing, we meet in what looks like an old house that is used not only for our Sunday services and other meeting, but it’s also set up as a community art space, gallery, and music shows venue. We’re building a church where community is important, that’s interactive and participatory, and were we use our creative abilities to worship Jesus. We value fellowship and like to get together outside of church and participate in a variety of activities together. We’re located in the southeast area of Rochester that includes Monroe and Park Avenue (two roads we’ve never actually been located on) because the creativity and energy of the area makes it a natural fit for us.


Worship is usually contemporary songs, but there can be hymns sprinkled in. We welcome the presence and work of the Holy Spirit. There are usually a few songs and we take communion during the worship time. People are invited to draw or write in their seats if that is how they worship God best. We want to encourage people to join together and worship God because He deserves it, without worrying whether they all like to worship exactly the same way.


We have communion every week during the time we worship. By taking communion we are reminded of the grace we have received through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We invite anyone who is a follower of Jesus Christ to participate in communion.  There is a table with a loaf of bread a cup of grape juice. We dip the bread in the juice. We usually serve communion by inviting people to come to the communion table in the back during the worship time. We do not want anyone to feel pressured to take communion and this can be a time of quiet reflection if you do not choose to participate.

Prayers and Praises

After a time of singing and the announcements are made we take a moment to reflect on what God has been doing in our lives. We share stories of how God has answered prayer for us in the past week or so. Following that is a time where we share prayer concerns that we pray for together. There is also a time after the service for individual prayer.

The Message

Teaching is Biblically based, whether it is focused around a book of the Bible or a topic. While we realize that the whole Word of God is “profitable” we are aware of the need to address the challenges of living in the 21st century. Teaching time is usually interactive with questions, answers, and discussion and sometimes there is a creative activity as part of the teaching that helps us reflect on what God is saying to us.

Individual Ministry and Prayer

We offer individual prayer after the service for those who have needs and want to connect with God. We have seen God answer those prayers many times.


We believe that giving is an act of worship. We give because God has given more to us than we can ever repay and it is an act of surrender for us. We do not take an offering during the service, but there is a box marked tithes and offerings on the greeting table. The box is there for those who consider this their church. You can give when you worship with us on Sundays by putting your offering in the box. You are also welcome to place prayer requests in the box. You can also send your tithe in by mail or PayPal at http://paypal.me/MPVChurch

Our mailing address is:

Monroe Park Vineyard

61 Wilmer St.

Rochester, NY