Many of the people in the Monroe Park Vineyard Church are committed to improving the community and world around us.

Fall 2013 – We are partnering with His Branches and Rochester Youth Outreach to start an east side location for their existing after school art and music program for high school students.

Art openings, music shows, and “Art, Music, Noise & Brownie Testing Night”  are all ways that we regularly engage people from outside the church and ways we serve the needs of the creative community in Rochester.  It’s our way to show Jesus’ love by our actions.  We don’t preach at these events and the views expressed by the participating musicians and artists may not be the same as ours, but we care about hearing what they have to say.   We don’t take any cut from the art sales and if there’s a donation requested for a music event, it goes to the bands so that we can help support the musicians and artists in the Rochester area.

In December 2009 we gathered toys, toiletries and clothing items to send to the children of a sister church in Neiba, Dominican Republic.  Several of us have been down to serve in the Dominican Republic as part of a Vineyard initiative, Team Dominican.  In July 2009 -2011 our teens visited and served our sister churches in the Dominican Republic.  One of our teens built eight outhouses in an impoverished area without running water.

In September 2008 we participated in the community event ArtWalk 2008, by having an activity booth

In November 2009 we worked with the Irondequoit Vineyard in hosting an event to benefit Love146, an organization dedicated to ending child slavery and exploitation.

In September 2008 we participated in the community event ArtWalk 2008, by having an activity booth where people (especially children) participated in a large spatter painting project.  Hundreds of people attended ArtWalk and we enjoyed providing an activity for visitors.

During the 2006-7 school year, we adopted a second grade class at School 14. We worked with Mrs. Johnson, one of our church members, to assist her students in various ways. Our assistance included the purchase of school supplies, financial support for a school carnival, and the provision of adult volunteers. These volunteers assisted in the classroom, at the school carnival, and on field trips. Church members also “adopted” students, and prayed for this student throughout the year.

Previous efforts have included picking up trash on Monroe Avenue, and raking up leaves in the Monroe-Park neighborhood. Church members are involved in various groups throughout the area, including neighborhood associations, and other service organizations.