Many of the people in the Monroe Park Vineyard Church are committed to improving the community and world around us.

Art openings, music shows, and “Art, Music, Noise & Brownie Testing Night”  are all ways that we regularly engage people from outside the church and ways we serve the needs of the creative community in Rochester.  It’s our way to show Jesus’ love by our actions.  We don’t preach at these events and the views expressed by the participating musicians and artists may not be the same as ours, but we care about hearing what they have to say.   We don’t take any cut from the art sales and if there’s a donation requested for a music event, it goes to the bands so that we can help support the musicians and artists in the Rochester area.  Art night happens weekly and we provide free art materials and snacks.  The place is frequently packed by people from every walk of life.  Sometimes one of our resident artists provides lessons on how to draw, paint or bind books to those who are interested.  Lots of friendships develop here.

We are friends with several other local churches and sometimes work together having joint services, community service projects or meals.

One of our members, Tamirat Bedane, is the leader of Ethiopian Gospel Bridge Ministry and frequently speaks around the world, when he isn’t bringing the world here.

We participate with a group of other Vineyard churches in helping plant churches in the Dominican Republic as well as help those churches meet the needs in their communities.   Several of us have been down to serve in the Dominican Republic as part of a Vineyard initiative, Team Dominican.   One of our teens built eight outhouses in an impoverished area without running water.