Especially for those who want ot have shows here: Things to know about the shows at Vineyard Community Space

A Church Self Portrait

We value community.  We believe that a church isn’t just a place or a building where people meet once a week, but it’s a living organism.  All of us do the ministry, not just the “leaders”.  We share each others lives.  We worship and love Jesus together, but we also have fun together, share meals, make art, music or write together.  We also like to show Jesus’ love for the people in our larger community, the city of Rochester, by inviting them in to have music shows, art shows, dance performances or whatever.  We’ve hosted a punk rock prom, numerous folk, punk and hard core music concerts, a noise performance art project, a fundraiser for a Haitian cultural and water project, numerous art openings and even dance performances.  We view this as outreach to the larger community around us.

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